RV Self-Park Rules: version 6.28.21 

At sole discretion of Park, failure to adhere to each of the following rules may result in termination of all utility services and expulsion of Guest from Park without refund.  

1, Each parking site is painted to indicate where to park and is capable of accommodating: 

    1. One (1) operating and movable motorized RV and one (1) operating and movable accompanying vehicle or trailer.  Not to exceed the total parking site length (75 feet).  Or,  
    2. One (1) operating and movable motorized vehicle and one (1) towable RV-trailer when combined or disconnected not to exceed the total parking site length (75 feet).   

2, RV and all vehicles must be parked between the painted lines on pavement and must pull up to the painted stop-block at the front of the parking site.   RV-trailers may be unhooked from tow vehicle to be re-parked at rear when more convenient.    

3, Side by side parking is not allowed.  Extra parking space is provided in Park for all overflow vehicles and visitors.  See Park map for overflow and visitor parking options.  

    • Parking outside of parking site or on any part of the Park’s common roadway is cause for termination of utilities and expulsion from Park without refund.   

4, Extra paved area outside of the painted parking line space is provided to safely traverse around parked vehicle(s). Guest may temporarily set up and use outdoor style chairs, tables or other similar furniture, a gas or charcoal grill. Guest may otherwise use the paved space for rest and relaxation. 

5, Un-paved and grassy areas are not included in rental of parking space. 

    • Un-paved or grassy areas are not to be used for:  
    • tents or camping of any kind, 
    • sleeping, 
    • tables, 
    • mats, 
    • grills, 
    • campfires, 
    • pet retention.  
    • Pets must not be tied or penned-up outside RV.  
    • any use of any kind.   
    • No stakes, posts or any other type of attachment or equipment temporarily used in support of RV or camping equipment of any kind.  

6, Guest shall not:  

    • Disturb or disrupt others,  
    • Engage in loud, rude, or unruly activity. 
    • speed in excess of 10 miles per hour in Park. 
    • includes vehicles, bicycles and transport devices of any kind.  
    • communicate with Park and/or Park Representatives in an unprofessional manner.  

7, Repair work on or around vehicles is not permitted. No work or repairs associated with a vehicle’s operational ability or maintenance are allowed in Park. Vehicle must not be made immovable or inoperable at any time.  Vehicles that may become inoperable must be towed away for repairs. 

8, Minimal cleaning activity is permitted. Examples: actively washing of windshields and windows or stowing and sorting out RV basement is permitted.   

    • Leaving items unattended is not permitted.  

9, Each rented parking site includes Guest access to an RV Electric service connection as follows: 

    1. a 50-amp circuit, or 
    2. a combination of 30/20-amp service connection, 
      • RV Electric service connection is limited to normal usages and consumptions as expected for a single RV in one rented parking site.  
      • Extension cords or other means of extending electric to a second vehicle of any kind, is not allowed and is cause for termination of all utilities and expulsion from Park without refund. 
      • RV Electrical connection is not to be used for charging or recharging of accompanying electric vehicles, bicycles, scooters, or any other electric device not originally connected to the individual RV vehicle of the Guest when constructed.  
      • Charging of electric vehicles is facilitated by rental of a separate RV parking site. 

10, Each rented parking site includes Guest access to a Water Connection.  

    • Water usage is restricted to normal usages and consumptions as expected for up to four persons and pets or the number of persons as reported to be in the RV by Guest at time of rental.   
    • Exterior washing of RV or accompanying vehicle, other than windshield(s), is prohibited. 

11, Each rented parking site includes Guest access to a Sewer connection for use of one RV during the Parking Term. 

    • Sewage disposal is restricted to normal usages and consumptions as expected for up to four persons or the number of persons as reported to be in the RV by Guest at time of rental.   

12, Each rented parking site includes Guest access to a WIFI internet connection suitable to stream content and otherwise use internet accessible devices.  

13, Each rented parking site includes a Guest access-code to trash-bin to enable deposit of trash during a parking Term or at the end of a Parking Term. 

    • Trash disposal is restricted to normal usages and consumptions as expected for up to four persons and pets or the number of persons as reported to be in the RV by Guest at time of rental.   

14, Each rented parking site includes Guest access to a link to view Park monitoring cameras on their internet accessible device. 

15, Each rented parking site includes Guest access to a fenced Pet exercise area and all other pet walking areas. 

    • Pets must remain attended and secured at all times. 
    • Pets must not disturb other Guests. 
    • Guest must pick-up and dispose of all pet waste.   
    • Noncompliance is cause for expulsion from Park without refund. 

 16, A parking Term begins at the time of arrival or at the time a Guest selected when making their reservation.     

17, A parking Term ends when the guest’s reserved time expires or at any time the parking site is vacated by Guest for more than twenty (20) minutes without Guest providing prior notice to Park of Guest’s intent to return to site. A parking site vacated for more than twenty (20) minutes is deemed a forfeiture of site rental. Site is returned to available inventory to rent at that time and the parking site may be rented by another Guest.  Forfeiture of a parking site does not terminate Guest’s responsibilities under the Guest Agreement which remains in effect.   

If Guest retains possession of the assigned parking space, or any part thereof, after the expiration or termination of the Term, Guest shall become immediately obligated to make hourly rental payments to the Park at the hourly rate ten dollars ($10.00). After the first hour, Park may at its option increase the Rent by an additional ten dollars ($10.00) for each additional hour Guest remains in possession after the expiration of the original Term. Further, if the parking space is reserved for another incoming Guest, Park may have Guest vehicle(s) removed at the Guest’s expense. In addition, thereto, Guest shall pay Park for all damages, consequential as well as direct, sustained by reason of Guest's retention of possession beyond the original Term. The provisions of this Section do not exclude Park's rights of re-entry or any other rights thereunder. No such holding over shall be deemed to constitute a renewal or extension of the original Term. 

The provisions of this Section do not exclude Park’s rights of re-entry or any other right thereunder. No such holding over shall be deemed to constitute a renewal or extension of the Parking Term. 

18, All personal property belonging to Guest or any visitor of a Guest to the Park shall be there at the risk of Guest or of such other person.  Park, its agents and employees shall not be liable for any damage thereto or for the theft or misappropriation thereof. 

Park is not liable for any damage or loss to RV, vehicle or fixtures, equipment, merchandise or other personal property of Guest located in Park.