7 Mistakes to Avoid on Your First RV Road Trip, According to Experts

1. Not Choosing the Right Type of RV
2. Not Planning Your Route in Advance
3. Not Making Campground Reservations
4. Not Considering Your RV's Size Limitations
5. Forgetting to Download Maps Before Your Trip
6. Not Adhering to Campground Rules and Etiquette
7. Over- or Under-packing

Source: Travel and Leisure

14 RV Travel Tips From Seasoned RVers

1. Plan ahead
2. Shorten your travel distance to a comfortable drive
3. Get your chores done early to get an earlier start
4. Watch the weather
5. Stay south of the snow zone
6. Know when to postpone your travel plans
7. Know your RV dimensions
8. Read campground reviews
9. Travel in the daylight
10. Take breaks from driving
11. Have a Plan B
12. Keep vehicles in excellent repair
13. Keep distractions (pets/kids/radio) under control
14. Don’t drive drunk or drowsy

Source: RV Life